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Tax Deductible Contributions

In January 2010 the Internal Revenue Service formally granted the World War II Experience a tax-exempt status. As such, contributions from individuals or organizations are tax deductible.

The costs of maintaining the World War II Experience as an educational organization are many. They include, but are not restricted to, expenses such as this web site, supplies, reference materials, and the professional services of a certified public accountant. Financial statements are available upon request.

Contributions are welcomed to offset ongoing expenses and to eventually pay for the publication of some of the personal stories detailed on this web site.

If you would like to support the work of the World War II Experience, you can mail a personal check to the following:

World War II Experience

PO Box 126

San Marcos, Ca. 92079

Or if you would like to donate online using a credit or debit card, please click  “Donate” button.  Donations processed through secure Paypal sever. Thank you for supporting the WWII Experience.